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Silent Hill

Silent Hill is one of the best survival horror sagas!
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Silent Hill: The Room is one of the last titles of the saga from Konami. It was released in 2004, but it is still one of the most played games of the survival horror game genre.
Are you looking for an objective and impartial game analysis? Well my friends, go looking you have found a Silent Hill fan.
I have enjoyed to play Silent Hill since the release of the first game, so far in 1999... and from the very beginning I was sure, there will be more. And it was so: 2 movies and 6 video game releases! It was an unprecedented success.
The taste of Silent Hill 4 is the same of the previous releases: everything you loved from them, you will find here too. Superb graphics, creepy sounds, a great new horror story... But there are some changes (for good) in this game:
1) The main "scene" is your apartment. You are locked in, and the only way to escape is through a tunnel hidden in the bathroom, which takes you to different nightmare worlds. In some parts of these worlds, you find more tunnels, bringing you back to your apartment, where you can recover your health, save your game progress and drop unused items in a chest (yes, you have a limited inventory space).
2) In your apartment, you control the character in a first person perspective! Moreover, you can see what your neighbors are doing, but they can't see you nor hear you.
3) Enemies are so smart! Dogs, for instance. You will need a lot of practice to get rid of them. They come in groups and dodge your attacks. There are also some ghosts that even you can't kill. In your way, you find some melee weapons to use, some of them are breakable (like golf clubs). With these weapons, you can hold for a while and release the attack button in order to hit harder.

There is so much more to say about this game...but as I always say, it's better to try it. But watch out, if you are a sensitive, impressionable person, better stay away from this, it may be too much for you. However, if you really like the horror stories, try to get some headphones and play it all night long...if you dare.

Discontinued by the developer.

Review summary


  • To any Silent Hill fan, ALL.
  • To the new ones, excellent graphics, terrific sound, very addictive. The maximum rating here is 5, but it deserves a 10


  • You really need a joystick to play it, I never managed to use the keyboard...
  • and I can't play it until my little kids go bed
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